Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Those 3 people in that booth over there are hardcore lookyloose... as u can see the one lady is looking over at us!!
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VEGAS!!! for work and play...

Advice: dont work tradeshows unless you are getting paid or if that is your job!!

Feb 13 to 16 magic, project, pool!

Alittle recap of my time here.... I worked magic and project only. Didnt get to walk around that much, buuuttt from what I did see there are some cute things comin out. Delicate jewlery, long skirts, feathers for your hair and graphic tees are going to be hott in the up coming seasons!!!

Oh and on to the nightlife... the new cosmopalitan hotel opened up and the newest hotspot club Marquee was HOT!! Valentines night I went over there with a few girls... stood inline for almost 2 hrs.. the kardashian clan was there to host the party. We didnt stay long cause we were tired from being in the long line for most of the night!

But... there is good news, I tried the club again tue night and yes there was a line but it went sooo much faster. You have to take a elevator all the way up... there are a few rooms in this club... the main room where the DJs are spinning all sorts of music, there is a huge out door patio with 2 bars and a pool, a hip hop room... which reminds me of a strip club feel hhaha, and the library room which is real chill, in there you can find pool tables couches and a private bar!

This is my little evaluation for the time being here, I was a "intern" and I say that cause interns dont usually get paid so why did I volenteer to do it you ask... well to get a break from my normal job and to go out in vegas duuhh!!! But next time... trust... no more working for free!!!

Peace & love
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