Monday, May 16, 2011


I have been going through alot of emotions lately-  If you read my blog a few blogs ago you will know that I have been feeling like I have lost myself.  Which is true... I have been fighting this feeling for a little while now and its been killing me.  I have a smile on my face but I cry on my drive home from work or when I am alone in the shower or my room. 

I was actually reading this thing about birthdays and one thing that the book said was this:  basically I am a free spirited person- true, I am happy and open about things other ppl aren't- true, and I don't do well with rules, being tied down and something about its hard for me to choose one things to do- TRUE!!!!!!!

It is such a blessing to be a creative person BUT yes in my case a curse LOL... & I say that not in a negative way but in a light heated way.  I have so many ideas of what I want to do and  its like my mind is spinning 1000+ miles per second-  WHAT can a person do with that???  But today when I was driving home I came up with a plan... I am sorry I can not mention what this plan is because I need to work it out and normally I have this problem where I talk to much about what I am doing so... step 1 keep my mouth shut!!!

SO wish me luck on this new plan of keeping me focused to complete all my tasks!  ACTUALLY pray... prayer would be wonderful!

xo renee