Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There back!

So the once unflattering "fanny pack" is back! But its back in a new stylish way that makes the "fanny pack" cool! Below you will see the Gucci pack that is pretty slick and looks good hanging off the waist. And then you take a look at Rihanna sporting the Prada "fanny pack". But its no surprise that she makes anything look good!. . . BOOM BOOM POW!

Below you will see the "don't ever wear and go back to the 80s and 90s style fanny pack". Please people do not create this fashion crime in this year twenty 10 by slapping these out of date things on Ur waist! YOU WOULD BE A DON'T IN A MAGAZINE!

xo renee

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

These shoes are all the Rage!!!!

You know when I first saw these shows.. I was like whhhaaatttt!!!! why would anyone wear these! Buuuuttt after awhile they began to grow on me.
These shoes have a warm place in my heart!!! I love how they are masculine yet feminine and how many different types of styles they come in. Another great factor about these shoes.. is that you can dress them up with tights, a short dress and say a leather jacket or you can dress them down with a T-shirt (American apparel--- which are my fav!), skinny jeans and some cute accessories.
Either way they are awesome shoes... you can find them at Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden, Aldo... these are just some examples. I am actually on a hunt for them now.. I want to find the right pair that I can use with a lot of different outfits!
Go get YOU some!
xo renee

PS... the flats are my choice!!!!!!


I went to see this highly anticipated movie opening night 12 in the AM. They were showing this movie in 2 theaters and people were dressed to impress with all of there stylish clothes... all the ladies, gays and men who were dragged by there girlfriends came out to see what SEX AND THE CITY 2 was all about!!!
On a scale of 1-10 and comparing it to the first movie I would give it a 7. The movie was alittle slow at first but everything was made up by the little surprises. For example Carrie meets up with adain, Samantha was for me way more funny then I have ever seen her... I was dying laughing as well as everyone else in the theater, another wedding happends ( great part to be added in). Needless to say it was a very cute movie!
Side note... the ladies looked beautiful and it looked like they hardly have aged, the clothes were interesting of course yet stunning in there own ways.
Sex and the City fans... go see this movie!!!!
xo renee