Wednesday, May 5, 2010


LOL im on a Kardashian kick I guess.... look how short she is to Scott! I never realized.........

DASH LA!!!!!!!

So.... today I took a visit out to Calabasas with two of my bestfriends to see what D.A.S.H was all about. As you may know the Kardashian sisters own this store so we were really excited to check it out. The store is located in a cute area but the store was just okay. . . nothing really to glamorouslike you would expect. All tho the clothes they had were pretty cute and fun and some sexy... alittle over priced but if you have the money to shop there why not indulge LOL .... There was everything from graphic Tee shirts & tanks to higher end items! Over all I would give the store an 8!!!!!

PS... The hours are 11-6 mon thru friday and saturday 11-5, Sundays CLOSED! (WEIRD)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miley Cyrus "Can't Be Tamed" - Official Premiere on MySpace Music!

Awesome song... & the video is insannnnee! I cant find any photos at the moment buuuttt I can tell you that her makeup was HOTT, the dancing, concept and message of the video really got the point across!!!!! LOL My FAVORITE part of the whole thing tho is her costume... it was dark, it had feathers and claws... CRAZZZZZYYYYY...... Check it out as soon as u can find it on the internet! lol chow chow

Shakira - Gypsy @ American Idol Live with RASCAL FLATTS


I just heard Shakira's song Gypsy on American Idol and I loved it! Its a fun song, good words and I really loved it cause I feel like it explains me kinda well! cheezy i know!... BUT I dont care.
She sang the song on American Idol with Racall Flatts

Check out the video I posted and listen to the words... sooo goood!!!

xo- renee