Friday, January 1, 2010

I am welcoming 2010!

So today is the 1st day of a new year... I am writing this blog at home in Michigan, thinking to myself what does this next year hold!

I really love being home, spending time with friends, seeing my family and cousins... remembering how much I love it here, how much I miss the simple everyday things! Whats great about it here in Michigan is that... things change, but there still the same, if that makes any sense. I have been thinking, praying, and going back and forth about me staying in California.............

In Cali I have good freinds, my own place, a life that tons of people would love to live... I am content there or here, the only thing missing is a really good career job a stable job, good pay... oh and maybe love! LOL but thats last on the list! But..... is being content really being happy.... sure I could go everyday... going out to nice clubs and eating at all the Hollywood resturants, going to work for that fashion designer, seeing and working with celebs... & you ask really Renee how could you just be content with the way your life is?!?!?!

Before I moved to LA... I loved fashion, I loved that Hollywood life... sure I have dreams of what I would like my life to be, and yes I am there ..... sorta....!

Being in LA has made me realize how much of a East coast person I am... How much I appreciate where I come from, how much my family means to me, & how much I love my friends! I came home this Christmas 2009 .... and I realized for the first time exactly who I am!... It was like a light bulb went off and everything came up clear!

Ha well mostly everything.. there are a few minor details!!!

So Im 23 going on 24, my maturity level has really become known, I realize that I have a great love for fashion...I love shopping, I love clothes, but I really could care less who designed what!, I love styling clothes for people, I love doing events, but most of all I love love loooove to do hair! My mother says that I went to FIDM and got a really expensive education so I need to get a job for what I went to school for!.... But what if I took after my mom, who is a hairstylist... and now I have that same love!

My mom and a few others say ... now Renee, go out there get a job doing retail basically the rest of ur life! Yes I could do that...I have the experience, but I dont really have the drive and deep down I know that, I dont have the love and what ever else you need to have to do those jobs.

So I have been praying to god...thinking about this for a really long time and keeping it to myself! I really want to do what I am passionate about, & what I find enjoyable. Im wont give up on the fashion aspect of me... I am still going to pursue my clothing line, I still would take work as a stylist, personal shopper, or working doing events! I am a creative person... I need to have that creative kind of work to keep me movtivated and full of life when it comes to my job!

So here is my plan...but please not that not all the details are not going to be shared in the blog....

I will look for work doing what my mother thinks I should do...but I will also be looking into going to hair school.

I have the option of staying in Califonia for a while to take classes there, and then possibly get into a really nice salon there, or work in hollywood!


I have the option of coming home to Michigan, working and going to school, and then getting my own place.(house) and a dog, and having more of my family and friends here!

both options look really nice and very tempting..... and I have been thinking over and over and over about this .... and these are the 2 options I have come up with!

Im kinda stressed, happy , sad, excited... all at once....

lol P.S. once day ill get to NYC! ONE DAY!

xo renee