Wednesday, December 8, 2010

wildlife babies...

A mother and her child, a baby owl, baby sea otter and a tawny frogmouth....

You can see these babies and more in Andrew Bleiman & Chris Eastlands book "Zooborns".
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Italian/Brooklyn man asks me out

lol everyone enjoy this girl!!! shes hilarious... I was just going through YouTube and I came across her.. you will laugh for sure. check out the rest of her stuff on her You Tube page- funnychloemichelle-


xo renee

Saturday, November 27, 2010

bored at work

Lol terry came to visit.. we had a iphone photo shoot. This is just a sample!

Xoxo renee
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

This ThAnkSgiViNg!!!

I cant believe that today was actually Thanksgiving!!!! This year has flew by so fast... and the holidays have now started!

This is my favorite time of year. You know this time when family and friends get together, and trees are starting to get put up as well as lights and Christmas shopping gets on its way. I am from Michigan so when the weather starts to get real cold and snow starts falling that makes the holiday season seem real and my heart gets happy!!

Even tho I am in LA for Thanksgiving, the weather is getting into the 30's... and I'm like whaaaa!!! ahhaha that's record lows they are saying for California. The people here are not to fond of the temperatures but I'm very THANKFUL for it... because it makes me feel that much closer to being home. (((cause there is no place like home for the holidays))).

Anyways the real reason I am writing this blog about Thanksgiving is because I want to say that I really am thankful for the life that I have been given!

I AM THANKFUL FOR... so much... my family and friends. I am thankful that I am able to have the opportunities I have such as traveling, going to school, working, modeling, meeting new and interesting people, my talent for art. Each of these things have helped me grow and mature into who I am. And I am so so sooo thankful for God and my church! ;0)

I truly am blessed....

xo renee

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

some Thanksgiving fun!!!

Enjoy everyone! There pretty funny!

Thank you Ronald for sending these to me...!!!
xo renee

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I spy something odd in LA

So I was leaving my friend terrys house this morning and as I was walking down the hallway to the elevator... there was this man walking towards me ((( NO BIG DEAL))) right??? .... NOOOPPPE.... his hair was all messy, his shirt was half button'd half tucked in, and cropped pants. he had black nail polish on his toes and he had a alot and I mean aloooot of cash in his hands for all the world to see hahaha!!!

HOT mess is what he was and I dont know where these ppl come from!!!

xo renee

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair

I cant believe she is 10 yrs old... yesss Will Smiths daughter Willow singing like shes a grown women! This song is pretty catchy.... you know the kind where you cant get it out of ur head! hahaha listen to it enough and you to will be singing " whip your hair back and forth".

xo renee

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Its Damon's birthday... nothing else to say
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

You toooo can blog from ur phone!

Lol this shows that im so excited that i can blog from my phone now!!! Its amazing what are phones can do!

Xo hazel
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fashion Icons - Daria Werbowy - Model Profile

I LOVE her.. one of my favorite models by far!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

15 y/o boy singing Katy Perry Teenage dream(FULL)

This kid is cute.. hes 15 yrs old... he makes the funniest faces!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wisdom Teeth Wake Up at the Dentist (CRAZY FUNNY)

This girl is funny, but you have to watch all of it!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There back!

So the once unflattering "fanny pack" is back! But its back in a new stylish way that makes the "fanny pack" cool! Below you will see the Gucci pack that is pretty slick and looks good hanging off the waist. And then you take a look at Rihanna sporting the Prada "fanny pack". But its no surprise that she makes anything look good!. . . BOOM BOOM POW!

Below you will see the "don't ever wear and go back to the 80s and 90s style fanny pack". Please people do not create this fashion crime in this year twenty 10 by slapping these out of date things on Ur waist! YOU WOULD BE A DON'T IN A MAGAZINE!

xo renee

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

These shoes are all the Rage!!!!

You know when I first saw these shows.. I was like whhhaaatttt!!!! why would anyone wear these! Buuuuttt after awhile they began to grow on me.
These shoes have a warm place in my heart!!! I love how they are masculine yet feminine and how many different types of styles they come in. Another great factor about these shoes.. is that you can dress them up with tights, a short dress and say a leather jacket or you can dress them down with a T-shirt (American apparel--- which are my fav!), skinny jeans and some cute accessories.
Either way they are awesome shoes... you can find them at Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden, Aldo... these are just some examples. I am actually on a hunt for them now.. I want to find the right pair that I can use with a lot of different outfits!
Go get YOU some!
xo renee

PS... the flats are my choice!!!!!!


I went to see this highly anticipated movie opening night 12 in the AM. They were showing this movie in 2 theaters and people were dressed to impress with all of there stylish clothes... all the ladies, gays and men who were dragged by there girlfriends came out to see what SEX AND THE CITY 2 was all about!!!
On a scale of 1-10 and comparing it to the first movie I would give it a 7. The movie was alittle slow at first but everything was made up by the little surprises. For example Carrie meets up with adain, Samantha was for me way more funny then I have ever seen her... I was dying laughing as well as everyone else in the theater, another wedding happends ( great part to be added in). Needless to say it was a very cute movie!
Side note... the ladies looked beautiful and it looked like they hardly have aged, the clothes were interesting of course yet stunning in there own ways.
Sex and the City fans... go see this movie!!!!
xo renee

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


LOL im on a Kardashian kick I guess.... look how short she is to Scott! I never realized.........

DASH LA!!!!!!!

So.... today I took a visit out to Calabasas with two of my bestfriends to see what D.A.S.H was all about. As you may know the Kardashian sisters own this store so we were really excited to check it out. The store is located in a cute area but the store was just okay. . . nothing really to glamorouslike you would expect. All tho the clothes they had were pretty cute and fun and some sexy... alittle over priced but if you have the money to shop there why not indulge LOL .... There was everything from graphic Tee shirts & tanks to higher end items! Over all I would give the store an 8!!!!!

PS... The hours are 11-6 mon thru friday and saturday 11-5, Sundays CLOSED! (WEIRD)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miley Cyrus "Can't Be Tamed" - Official Premiere on MySpace Music!

Awesome song... & the video is insannnnee! I cant find any photos at the moment buuuttt I can tell you that her makeup was HOTT, the dancing, concept and message of the video really got the point across!!!!! LOL My FAVORITE part of the whole thing tho is her costume... it was dark, it had feathers and claws... CRAZZZZZYYYYY...... Check it out as soon as u can find it on the internet! lol chow chow

Shakira - Gypsy @ American Idol Live with RASCAL FLATTS


I just heard Shakira's song Gypsy on American Idol and I loved it! Its a fun song, good words and I really loved it cause I feel like it explains me kinda well! cheezy i know!... BUT I dont care.
She sang the song on American Idol with Racall Flatts

Check out the video I posted and listen to the words... sooo goood!!!

xo- renee

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brain FArt!

I am having such a hard time thinking about what to write about... do I stick to 1 topic or just write about whatever comes to my mind. Or do I have 2 blogs for different things!.. but oh wait .. I need inspiration.. I cant think of what to write about!!!!!!

Current mood= frusterated!

xo renee

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Taking a break!

So Im not deleting my blogspot .. but im trying out this new blog site called tumblr.. so if you dont see me writing to much on here at the moment.. I havent stopped, I just am kinda into this new site.. Check it out

XOXO renee

Friday, January 1, 2010

I am welcoming 2010!

So today is the 1st day of a new year... I am writing this blog at home in Michigan, thinking to myself what does this next year hold!

I really love being home, spending time with friends, seeing my family and cousins... remembering how much I love it here, how much I miss the simple everyday things! Whats great about it here in Michigan is that... things change, but there still the same, if that makes any sense. I have been thinking, praying, and going back and forth about me staying in California.............

In Cali I have good freinds, my own place, a life that tons of people would love to live... I am content there or here, the only thing missing is a really good career job a stable job, good pay... oh and maybe love! LOL but thats last on the list! But..... is being content really being happy.... sure I could go everyday... going out to nice clubs and eating at all the Hollywood resturants, going to work for that fashion designer, seeing and working with celebs... & you ask really Renee how could you just be content with the way your life is?!?!?!

Before I moved to LA... I loved fashion, I loved that Hollywood life... sure I have dreams of what I would like my life to be, and yes I am there ..... sorta....!

Being in LA has made me realize how much of a East coast person I am... How much I appreciate where I come from, how much my family means to me, & how much I love my friends! I came home this Christmas 2009 .... and I realized for the first time exactly who I am!... It was like a light bulb went off and everything came up clear!

Ha well mostly everything.. there are a few minor details!!!

So Im 23 going on 24, my maturity level has really become known, I realize that I have a great love for fashion...I love shopping, I love clothes, but I really could care less who designed what!, I love styling clothes for people, I love doing events, but most of all I love love loooove to do hair! My mother says that I went to FIDM and got a really expensive education so I need to get a job for what I went to school for!.... But what if I took after my mom, who is a hairstylist... and now I have that same love!

My mom and a few others say ... now Renee, go out there get a job doing retail basically the rest of ur life! Yes I could do that...I have the experience, but I dont really have the drive and deep down I know that, I dont have the love and what ever else you need to have to do those jobs.

So I have been praying to god...thinking about this for a really long time and keeping it to myself! I really want to do what I am passionate about, & what I find enjoyable. Im wont give up on the fashion aspect of me... I am still going to pursue my clothing line, I still would take work as a stylist, personal shopper, or working doing events! I am a creative person... I need to have that creative kind of work to keep me movtivated and full of life when it comes to my job!

So here is my plan...but please not that not all the details are not going to be shared in the blog....

I will look for work doing what my mother thinks I should do...but I will also be looking into going to hair school.

I have the option of staying in Califonia for a while to take classes there, and then possibly get into a really nice salon there, or work in hollywood!


I have the option of coming home to Michigan, working and going to school, and then getting my own place.(house) and a dog, and having more of my family and friends here!

both options look really nice and very tempting..... and I have been thinking over and over and over about this .... and these are the 2 options I have come up with!

Im kinda stressed, happy , sad, excited... all at once....

lol P.S. once day ill get to NYC! ONE DAY!

xo renee