Monday, October 26, 2009

Looking Forward to....

So I know Halloween is only a few days away but I cant help to think about Christmas already!!! I want to share why I love going to back home to Michigan at Christmas and why I am so excited for this trip!!! HERE ARE MY 50 REASONS!!!

1. Family

2. Friends


4.Christmas and New years and I already have a date!!! lol im excited.

5. Baraboo

6.Going to the Dia with Amanda

7. Chicago with Laura

8.The freezing weather (snow)

9. Ponchos

10. Mt Clemens

11.My room

12. Home cooked meals

13. Holiday Parties


15.The packed malls

16.The smell of home

17.No Traffic


19.Movies on a cold cloudy day


21.Driving in the snow

22.Sleeping with tons of pillows and blankets

23.Holiday Concerts at Church Maybe even at FHS!!!

24.Regular Clothes

25.The Game of Life

26. Dirt Cake

27. Amandas mac and chz lol and egg sandwiches

28.Going to visit amanda and jill at work

29.Frankenmuth with dad

30.Getting my hair done!

31. Madisons

32.Going to the movies with dad on chirstmas day

33. Seeing chloe....

34.Handing out my christmas gifts this year.

35.Laura is coming home toooo!!!

36.3 weeks away from crazy LA


38.Playing wii with grandpa

39.Grandma Bs food...

40.LOL meeting the interesting people on my flights home

41.Hot coco and French Vinilla from Mcdonalds

42. Eattttting

43. Going out on the weekends

44.Fire places

45. Memosas at dads b4 grandpas

46. Avoiding being huggeddddd and kissed by the italians hahahaa


48.Packing as much to do in my days b4 I have to come back to LA

49. Texas Road House