Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As I sit here in my studio apartment in Hollywood looking out past Sunset Blvd looking onto downtown hearing all the motion of traffic and sirens from fire trucks go by... I think to myself... how lucky am I and how did I get here. LOL!!! LA was never where I wanted to be living at this point in my life... I came here kicking and screaming because I wanted what I wanted and didnt want to go where "they " wanted me. What happend to me going back and living in NYC...

That dream is put on hold because one day I know I will be back again.....

So here I am Sitting all alone .... THINKING..... I really live here in LA... a place people only dream of coming.. BECAUSE HERE-----> DREAMs happen. LA is a 24/7 job.... everyone came here for something... acting, fashion, ect..... you FIGHT to become something here.

And look at me... I went to one of the best fashion schools in the country, worked for a fashion designer, gained experience, moved up the later, blew other interviews, and yet I feel into a job that I get to do everything I know and love to do..

Who would of ever thought I would be one of the designers designing something NEW, something thats never been invented b4. ...

For a long time I knew I had a lot of interests, but didnt know really where I fit in... and slowly I am seeing it. I work in the FASHION industry...I made it, I am doing my dream job... FASHION. & right now it doesnt even matter what kind of fashion it is .. because I am already in the door!!!

I also am working on my independent line... I want to make a name for doesnt have to be as BIG as chanel, BUT MAYBE ONE DAY!

I sit hear also thinking WOW... most people my age are still back home in michigan living with there parents, and I have been out experiencing the world sense I was 18! LOL traveling around with no money... CAN WE SAY ADVENTUUURRE! TEEEHEHEHE... making new life long friends along the way....

& speaking of friends.... as I look around my apartment at all the 100000000 of pictures I have up, I see all the people who matter to me the most, true, wonderful, sweet, funny, loving, caring , beautiful, creative, handsome, crazy,.... friends and family. These people have been there for me, to laugh, cry, learn, travel... and most of all grow with threw out the years...They are all spread out all over the US and world...some I see more then others and some I talk to more then others!!! But I know that I love each and everyone of them with all that I have!

And I know that the ones who are still in my life are there for a reason!!!

miss renee

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


~When you are under the age of 18, you really are not as cool as you think you are....

~Drugs do NOT make you cool

~Family is everything

~Good friends make everything better

~Dont believe a guy, until you know for sure!

~Do not judge a book by its cover

~LOVE is harder to say then HATE

~IN LOVE ... who really knows ....

~Fashion is art

~Experiece as much as you can before you have kids and settle down, you NEVER want to regret that you never got to do something later on in life.

~On ur 21st birthday its okay to get really drunk!

~Blogs are a really good way to expressss urself

~Twitter is really addicting!

~Losing a freind over something silly really hurts!

~Dreaming and being all over the place is not really that bad!

~If you cant stand the heat, then PLEASE get out of the kitchen....

~Chick flicks are really great to watch

~PINK is a aweful color

~Its okay if you dont like to be really gurly & if you like to wear sweats....but being a slob... thats a no no.

~Its never OK to cake on the make up... that line on ur face that is a different shade then ur neck... doesnt look that great!

~Taking the stairs is better then taking the elevator.... EXERCISE!!!

~Kids should not have cell phones until they can drive..

~Going out with good Friends make me happy!!!!

~Church is good for the soul!

~Being creative .... God gave me these talents

~ My Friends are amazing...

~Challenge yourself

~Movies are like an Escape from reality

~Rollercoasters always give me a rush

~Gold tops Silver...

~Sales are my FAVORITE!

~Hates going on dates!!! tooooo much pressure

~I have a wall up for a reason

~Depends on which way the wind blows... thats when I change the color of my toes!!!!

~Compfy is key!

~I can never have to many pictures

~Traveling makes me happy!

~Country singers CAN ACTUALLY sing!!!!

~Fast Cars.

Cool T shirts!!!

Check out this artical from Nylon mag. There T's are a pretty good invention!! SMART!! got to love that!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My LiFe ToDo LisT!!!

1.Get my independent line up and running!!
2.Finish 5 books by dec. 31 09
3.Visit all 50 states.
4.Move to as many places as I can.
5.Back Pack around Europe
6.Depend more on myself
7.Move back to NYC
8.Live by the water in a old house, (small town and BIG porch)
9.Make sure I plan girl trips once a year
10.Take more Pictures
11.Just ENJOY life, try not to complain about things I can not change
12.Culture myself more..
13.Write my book and get it published
14.Own a nissan 350z
15. Own another Pit Bull
16. Hike a really BIG mt
17. Dont settle for anything less then I deserve!!!
18.Keep my relationships up with the most important people in my life!
19.Go on a cruise
20.Be my own BOSS.
21.WARE tank tops...
22. SAY NO!
23. Keep growing and changing for the better
24.Make just enough
25.Dont depend on men for happiness
26.Dance on a Bar
27. Bowl A 300
28. Eat a really expensive meal that I bought
29. Dont change who I am for anyone
30.Say whats on my mind
31. marraige???!?!?! maybe maybe not...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This saturday I am on the move ONCE again... hahahhahaa but for once its not to a new state. I am moving out of NORTH HOLLYWOOD and moving over to HOLLYWOOD... right off of sunset blvd! Im going to take pictures on saturday when I move in so that you all can see what my new place looked like before and then after im all moved in. I should tell you tho that this building is from the 1920's (( soooo cute right)).

My apartment has dark hardwood floors, white walls (( which I plan to get around to painting another color)) and a brick wall where the windows are!!! OH and get this... the elevator is the original... to get into the elevator you must hold down the button till it gets to your floor, then the door opens and you then have to PUSH open the BIG gate just to get in...and then you have to hold down the button to get to your next destination!!! hahahahah crazy right, but its so cool!!!!

Anyways... Saturday is the BIG move, but I have been packing or attempting to pack all week, and if I do say so myself.... I did a really good job tonight... I really got alot done!!! so proud!

Next week .... pictures will be up!!!

miss renee

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 VMAs

So the 2009 VMAs were awesome... The Preshow was cool, because you really got to see what everyone was wearing and me being a lover of fashion.. I really enjoyed it!! So posted a few of my favorite looks of the night ... & they range from hair and make up to the stars outfits!!! Check them out!

Now on to the show.... This years show has so much energy!!!!! It was really nice to see stars that havent been performing in awhile, Janet Jacksons performance for MJ was freaking awesome, Taylor swifts was interesting... (not my top favorite ).. but she did change it up so props for that! The new Twilight movie looks awesome!!!.. cant wait to see that! Beyonce KILLED her preformance. ((( ladies put your hand in his face))) This years show was one of my top favorite!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

MaGiC 09

So this was my first time at Magic in Las Vegas!!! I absolutely lovvvved it... I thought it was amazing, fun, fresh.... If you are in any way shape or form into fashion or art or even music you should check out this show. For me my favorite part of the show was the Pool and men's sections. I love the sleet and street wear stuff.. and all these designers who were designing the t shirts.. all there stuff was HOT!!! Its so cool how you can do so many things with just a t shirt and how many different designs these people came up with!!! Also at became clear for me the direction on what I want my line to be!!! So stay tuned for that!!!
**miss renee